As a follow up to our general release late on Friday night, we wanted to further clarify our position with respect to our teams. At the start of last week we unfortunately found ourselves in entirely unprecedented circumstances, in which we were forced to explore all possible immediate actions to safeguard the long term future of our business. We started the very painful process of closing down our portfolio of venues across Scotland and having the associated conversations with our workforce regarding potential layoffs and short term working.

The government’s statement on Friday afternoon allowed us to fully review that position, resulting in us now being able to make assurances that we would be safeguarding all of our team’s jobs. We are delighted to confirm that this scheme has saved in excess of 1500 jobs across our venues, including a 100 strong workforce of support staff based at our Central Office.

We are pleased to confirm that we will be paying our teams across the business 80% of their basic wage for a period of 3 months, or any other period in line with any amended timescales as laid out by the government. For the members of our teams who would be left short on 80% of their salary due to the £2,500 cap, G1 will bear the costs of any required top up in full, in each and every case.

Our primary focus is to keep our teams safe and healthy therefore the vast majority of our support staff who work out of G1 head office are now working from home. A skeleton crew remain to support our 101 convenience stores, who are currently undertaking a significant recruitment drive to enable them to support their communities in the coming weeks.

The team at G1 meanwhile continue to work with local charities and foodbanks to ensure our significant food stocks get to those who need it most, and we are delighted to say we have been able to support charities such as Helping Hands in Edinburgh and Connect Community Trust in Glasgow. In the coming weeks, we hope and expect to announce further measures in which we can support those who need it most, including the NHS, key workers, and vulnerable members of society. We encourage you to follow our social media channels in order that you may keep up to date, or contact us should you wish to request support or help.

We are deeply relieved that these latest measures will ensure that we will emerge from this with our loyal workforce intact.

In the meantime we encourage them, along with everyone else, to stay home and stay safe.